Our aim at LiPRO Energy is to supply and satisfy our customers with the technology we have developed. It is our concern to provide the operators with a holistic concept, from the first project planning to the final production. In addition to supplying our customers, LiPRO Energy also stands for sustainable fuel supply, the planning of decentralized energy supply systems, and service and maintenance services. Our trust in our customers is characterized by the possibility to operate all plants within the framework of contracting.

Vision and motivation

We aim to make a significant contribution to preventing climate change and strengthening environmental protection through our plants and decentralized energy concepts. We hope that LiPRO CHP will have far-reaching technological, environmental, and economic capabilities that will replace the outdated fossil fuel energy system, becoming a necessary milestone in preventing global warming and an important part of the renewable energy portfolio. With our products you can generate heat and electricity with a single system – and at any time absolutely climate neutral! Logically, we go the way of spreading the LiPRO CHP in order not to deprive an “energy-hungry” society of this key technology.

What is the meaning behind LiPRO?

The name is derived from the main components of the wood gasification plant: „Lignin“ as the main component of the fuel and the different stages in the gasification process 1. „Pyrolysis“, 2. „Reduction“ and 3. „Oxidation“.